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We help to make your site User Friendly with Tools & Advice

  • UserPlus Advisor: Run an expert review
  • UserPlus Tester: Test with real users
  • Get your usability score

The Advisor Tool

A Usablity expert at your fingertips!!

  • Evaluate the user friendliness of your site
  • Use early design concepts & existing sites
  • Get an objective Usability score

Run your own usability expert reviews now.Continue

The Tester Tool

Test your site with real people!

  • Easy to setup (no techies needed)
  • Get objective and comparable results
  • Real User feedback on executed tasks

Measure, see and read how visitors use your site Continue

Services: Let us help you out

Need advice or a helping hand?

  • Support in your Usability project
  • Find experts to improve your site
  • Run your remote Usability tests

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How your site will improve with UserPlus

Measure and Improve

Measure and improve

The UserPlus Tester gives you real-time insight in your visitors behavior:

  • how fast can they do a task
  • are they satisfied
  • can they succeed in this task
  • which path did they take

Improve your site or application. You can even benchmark your site with your competitors, using real users' feedback and behavior.

Remote test with real users

Test with "real" users

You think real users live in a one-way mirror room with a nice cup of coffee and a researcher next to them? Think again. People behave differently if they are behind their own computer, browser, keyboard. Real users don't live in labs. Use the UserPlus Tester tool for real results.

Test early test often

But I don't have a problem

You only need a handfull of users to be sure you don't have a problem.
Fixing a problem early on will save lots of money.
The only way of being sure you don't have a problem is testing.

No IT setup required

No IT setup required

None. Our UserPlus Tester records on top of the users default browser. We capture flash pages, secure https pages,... No issues with different operating systems or browsers. You see the result the same as the user sees it.

Try the UserPlus tools

You are a UX expert or website manager? Start measuring and discover the possibilities to improve your online business. Try UserPlus tools

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