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Test your site's most important tasks with real people.
Can they use the site? Were they satisfied? Is your site performing better than your competitor?

  • Create a test, invite participants.

    Simple as that...No technical setup.
    Just define the tasks, and send an invite to some people.
    You can even ask him a few simple questions on the task (Did he find it difficult? Was she satisfied?...)

    Measure & See what your users do

    Each test you set up gives you valuable insights:
    - What's the average task time?
    - How many people succeeded?
    - Are they satisfied?
    - Where did they click?
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    The Advisor helps to evaluate a website's Usability with a Usability Score based on ISO standards.  It's like having all the books and websites with usability advice together in a tool.

  • Know your Usability Score.

    By "tagging" your site, and adding information to those tags, the UserPlus Advisor presents you a list with easy yes-no questions. Complete the list, and get your Usability score

    For Designers, Developers and Site Owners

    Designers use it in a pré-sales, or to proof their own usability skills
    Developers compile a usability checklist for their pages 
    Site owners use it to evaluate their site...or to challenge the designer & developer above ....
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    You can not solve all your problems yourself. Because you're too busy. Or because it gets complicated. 
    Let us help you out. We use a wide scale of tools to get your problem fixed: Questions about navigation? Struggling with your Web Analytics? Usability questions. Let us know!
    We would be glad to help you...or get someone in your neighborhood to give you a hand.