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You list functional requirements, but no usability requirements?
You find it difficult to evaluate the designs for your new website?
You find it difficult to share knowledge within your company?
The UserPlus Advisor helps you to evaluate designs objectively and efficiently according to international standards.

  • Use early designs

    You only need an image to get started! You can use wireframes, early designs, first sketches or screenshots and evaluate the usability of your site from the start.

    Usability checklist

    Tag your designs with screenelements and get a design specific checklist. Improve the user friendliness of your site based on international guidelines.

    Get a usability score

    Simply answer the questions in the checklist and get a usability score for your site.

    Use Usability knowlegde

    Share and re-use usability knowledge within your team. Make efficient use of guidelines, design patterns and best practices.

    Objective & measurable

    Evaluate designs objectively, don't end up in endless discussions. Communicate and use objective and measurable requirements.

    Quick scan

    Use the Advisor in your pre-sales and do a quick usability scan of a prospect's website. Calculate a score and make a clear promise to improve the website.

    Manage your own knowledge

    You can use the Advisor to match all kinds of images with requirements. Use your own set of (internal) requirements in the Advisor e.g. style guide, seo,...

    Challenge your designer

    Use the Advisor and demand a minimum score before approving a design or website delivered by your designer or developer.

    Advisor Benefits

    The Advisor helps you to objectively evaluate the user friendliness of your website or designs. This evaluation results in a checklist and a usability score that can be easily shared within a team or company. The Advisor creates a checklist by connecting a library with requirements and an image.


    We can help you to create or implement your own set of guidelines.
    If you don't have the time to evaluate your site yourself we can do it for you...or direct you to an expert in your neighborhood.
    Just contact us with all questions you might have!